Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I BeCoMe a MaSteR oF CerEmOnieS agAin

Hi...emm today (16 November 2011) I become a master of ceremonies (MC) again!!! After a long time I do not take this responsibility, today I was assigned to do this job..huhuhu..Actually this is just like an opportunity that I should not miss out. I really like to talk, love to be placed in the front of the people, really interest to do the presentation, and I really attentive to be watching by others people.Why??..emm..That is because I really enjoy the experiences. The experiences will teach me how to build my confident level and also improve my communication skills. So today I was assigned to manage the Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) for STAR Club under Tun Razak College, University Technology of Malaysia. Actually this club is a club that really focus on the religion and spiritual aspects and of course this club is build for the Muslim community around the Tun Razak College. Actually I was shock when my best friend (Mohd Afezan Bin Mohd Ghani) assign me to take over his place yesterday (15 November 2011). I was explained about the program and what should I do. I do not know why I agree to take this responsibility. Maybe because talking is my interest so I do not take long time to consider his offer. So today was explained that I will handle only one slot which is the slot for the voters to choose the new organization members. But, when I reach the place of the ceremony, I once again shock because the old president of the club told me that I must handle the whole program. Oh my God...what should I do. I try to manage my self well and try to not make the program not systematic. I start the program at 9 p.m. and at the beginning I have a little nervous and honestly I am exceedingly uproarious. But after that I can manage well and the flow are going smoothly. After the program finished by some reception, Afezan and I went to ATM first and he send me to my college.Oh, I think this is a good experience where I can be MC again..hopefully after this I can get many opportunities to improve my self....=) 

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