Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My DuMmy iNteREst..

Hi guys...emmm how are you today?? make sure you are happy always. For me, I always try to treat my self happy. Maybe some people will ask how you will make your self happy??  emmm.. for me to make my self happy is try to make people around me happy..that method is really and really works!! By make people around me happy, automatically I will make my self happy..and another thing I want to share my interest, I really like to take the photo of my self..I do not know why but I really love it. You know the most important person that can appreciate your self is you. When you try to make your self happy that means you are really love and respect your self. So for me I really like to take the photo of my self because I really love my self. I do not care what people says about me, it is not my business. Who carry this body?? Not others people but me. So why I should listen the negative things from others. Right?? Even though I try to make my self blissful always by make others people happy and by make my self happy, but at the same time I always ensure that I will not take the negative thinking from others about me because I am not happy to do that. So..please love your self and the people surround you..Okay!!

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