Saturday, 19 November 2011

Life iS WoNdeRfuL !!!!

Hi everybody??? Emmmm, how are you today??? I want to share one story..not fairy tale story but the simple real story happen in this life. Before I begin, I want to talk about something. Sometimes, have you feel any sad in this life?? I am sure definitely you will says yes, but what you did to make sure the sadness not spoil your entire life? Have you go through the sadness with the proper way?? Sometimes when we in the bad mood, we normally can not control our emotion. We will get mad or moody and sometime our emotion will effect the people around us. Agree??   Emm, for me to keep our life healthy and happy we should learn how to manage our stress well so that our problem will not take over the whole of our moment. Maybe so hard to think when we are in the wrong mood. But think again, if we can manage our moody properly, surely we can handle the problem well. That is the beautiful of our life. Sometimes we sad, sometimes we happy. Just like in the movies or dramas, we will play our role and believe me we have to understand that the life consist of 'happy' and 'sad' and that is the beautiful design of our life. So to make sure we are in the good condition, we need to be ready always to face the sadness and to enjoy the happiness.

So, for today, I have one story of my self (if you do not want to read it does not a matter. I just try to express my feeling well). Okay, last Thursday, I have call the company to ask about my application for my job position. The position is Production Planning Executive. Actually I really, really and really want this position because I am very attentive to work in the production line. But the sadness moment happen...I do not get the position... UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....after I make the call, my friend (Ismail Bin Abu Hassan) ask me. I just answer him with the simple explanation. That time is really bad but I try to manage my emotion well. You know what I did??? I sleep !!! huhuhuhuhu...I think I should manage my stress well and at that time I think sleep is the best way because if I wake up I will get mad plus the bad mood and I will start complaining. I just sleep, sleep, sleep, and sleep...

Than I woke up, I take a bath and try to think what to do. I think maybe the position and the company not for me. I believe that God have a good plan for me but I do not know what. So I try not to give up, and I was thinking to apply others job. Keep trying and keep trying...Even though when I was in the toilet I did some complaining (hahahahaha) but I do it in the proper way. I think if I complain when I am in the bad mood, it will be more worse...huhuhuhu..

Bad time expression
But suddenly, the happiness come....blub3...blub3...
My friend Ismail bring back a lots of foods...really, really, really, really, and really lots of foods and that is the blissful time for me because I do not eat anything that day (because I sleep). Do not thinking to apply the job yet (that day), but just thinking of the foods.  At the end we (me, Ismail and Afezan) can not finish all the foods. We are full already. Hahahahaha.... Emmm, and than one more thing happen...Someone have become my blog followers. I so surprise because I just make this blog to express my feeling about anything I have meet in this life..So I am so happy that time. To iZnie  (if she read this), thank you so much because have become my first followers. Thank you so much, and I tell you that your blogs are awesome!!!!!

Happy time expression
So, you see how life treat you...Sometimes you will sad and sometimes you will happy. Nobody in this world live happy always until the end of their life. Nobody.So please not be too sad when something bad happen to you.  It is natural when people got some problem, people will have bad feeling, worse emotion, and their heart will feel so sick. We can not avoid this feeling but the most important is how we manage the feeling, the sadness, and the happiness. Try not to do the bad things that will make your problem more worse. Try to accept the conjecture in the proper way and I am sure you will be more strong and more strong from time to time. I am sure that we can learns a lots from our supposition, our failure, and our sadness. So please be strong and try to make your life more valuable...see you next time...

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